Tap Dance Tips

What to bring to my first Tap Class?

I get a lot of people asking about tap shoes, and if they need to go and buy them right away, or if they can come to class without them. Of course you can!

The most important thing is to wear shoes you’re comfortable in, and preferably shoes that have a hard sole and make a sound. Brogues, boots, character shoes etc are all perfect!

The only other things to bring are a bottle of water and your ears!

After your first class or two, (when you think to yourself, why haven’t I been tapping my whole life??) you might decide then is the right time to venture to buy some taps.

There are many to choose from. Capezio are my personal favourite at the moment, but unfortunately I’ve yet to find anywhere in Dublin that stock them.

Bloch are the next best choice for me, and Dance World on Parnell street have some lovely helpers that will look after you. Tap shoes are easy to fit, as they should feel pretty much exactly like your normal shoes do! Not too loose, not too tight and with a bit of support. Girls have the option of getting heels, or going with the more brogue style. I like the brogue full shoe style right now, because it’s giving me a fuller sound.


The best thing about tap shoes is that they last a really long time! I’ve had the same pair of Bloch lady’s taps for about 10 years. They’re a bit worn at this stage, but they’ve served me well! The cheaper models won’t last as long, as the shoe itself will wear down, but for a beginner’s shoe they’re perfect. The unfortunate thing is once you’ve bought them, your normal shoes will feel waaaay too quiet! You might want to warn housemates and family about the new music that will be filling the house, because you won’t want to take them off!

Happy Dancing! 🙂

(opinions are 100% my own)